Digital E learning

Enamel learning is a digital e learning platform, with the highest quality of course resources and material for dental nursing. Enamel learning is easy, fun and intereactive platform for your student to enjoy

100% Happy Students

If you want to achieve good progress for your college, enamel learning can help you do that. Enamel learning show you and your tutor constant progress of your learners. With automated email reminder to learner, tutors no longer have to chase students to complete their work

Assessment E-Portfolio

Tutor can create or use our assessment templates to set learners with assignment, activities, homework, or even mock exam questions. This allows tutors to monitor the progress and knowledge of the learners at the end of each unit.

Upload Evidence

Learner can upload any evidence, assignment, activity for the tutor to mark. The tutor dashboard shows an easy indicator for all learners and what work requires marking.

Digital Performance

The reporting feature allows tutors to run report for all or single learner, to check their progress level within the course. The tutor can easily prioritise which student require more support and guidance and at what stage.
If you would like to see how enamel learning would work at your college, fill our enquiry form and someone would get in touch