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In this document we set out our commitment to learning, detail learner commitment and share key policies and procedures important for all key parties. Please read it carefully as it contains some important information.

Key Terms and Definitions

Learner – The person whom Enamel Learning are training.
Funder – The person or organisation whom is paying for the service.
Funder Representative – The person within the organisation whom originally arranged and procured the training. If that person no longer works for the Funder organisation, it will be a person with equal or higher seniority or responsibility.

Our Commitment to Quality

  • Improve the quality and consolidate the range of provision for learners and employers
  • Raise the skills of adults to enhance employability, productivity, and social cohesion
  • Manage finances, staff and resources effectively and efficiently
  • Improve our performance with regular audits

Our commitment to your Learning

  • Helping learners achieve their potential
  • Ensuring all feedback is given in a timely manner
  • Making teaching and learning our priority
  • Valuing and respecting everybody as an individual
  • Striving for excellence
  • Acting with honesty, integrity and leading by example
  • Being positive

Learner commitment

  • Working steadily through the course with regular submissions
  • Meet personal submission deadlines (if applicable) that may have been set by an assessor
  • Keep copies of all the work produced as part of the course. After completion, Enamel Learning is not able to provide copies of any of the work submitted by learners
  • Inform us immediately of any reasons that prevent you from studying
  • Attend your pre booked study day(s) (If applicable)
  • Notify us of any changes to your contact details
  • Respond to communications from Enamel Learning that are requesting action in a timely fashion.
  • Pay to Enamel Learning all course fees due
  • Comply with the Behaviour Policy listed below
  • Comply with the assessment Malpractice Policy listed below
  • Failure to adhere to these commitments could result in sanctions to be placed on to you which could include, but not limited to, withdrawal from your course.

Behaviour Policy

At Enamel Learning, we expect professional behaviour to be adopted at all times during all forms of communication and interactions. It is expected that reasonable precautions and appropriate use of language is evident to ensure positive working relationships throughout the learning journey.Where deliberate confrontation occurs, unrealistic expectations expressed or deliberate use of unprofessional behaviour is apparent, it is expected that the offending party justifies or even apologizes for such use in order tocontinue to offer a positive relationship moving forward.
  • Shouting either verbally or in written form with the deliberate use of capitalization
  • Approaching and conducting communication confrontationally or provocatively
  • Persistent violation of common web etiquettes (netiquette) or British society’s intercommunication etiquettes
  • Use of inappropriate language or digital content that could cause offence
  • Condescending tone or condescending use of language
  • Having unrealistic expectations: This could usually be in the form of requesting or insisting an action that contravenes industry standard practices or goes against existing policies or procedures
  • Any correspondence deemed to be threatening
  • Not be willing to listen or act on feedback given
  • Discriminating or not being willing to work with specific people

Completing the Qualification

Our courses are designed around the learner, and you will be supported by Enamel Learning’s staff. This could include our administration staff, faculty administrators, assessors and the Enamel Learning Internal Quality Assurer if needed. The learner’s assessor will be on hand to offer you feedback and support to complete your qualification.This means that assessment will be an on-going process and will allow you to achieve your qualification easily and timely.

Enamel Learning Complaints Procedure

Enamel Learning recognise that there may be times when individuals feel aggrieved and may wish to complain about matters other than assessment decisions (which are handled through the appeals procedure). In these instances, the recognised complaints procedure is as follows;
  • The complainant should complete and return a `Notification of Complaint' form to the Enamel Learning Manager.
  • Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged usually via email.
  • The complaint will be reviewed by the Enamel Learning Manager. They will decide whether the nature of the complaint impacts on the quality standards of delivery or if it relates to other areas of the business which will not affect the assessment process.
  • The Enamel Learning Manager will investigate the complaint accordingly. Those involved in the complaint will have the right to attend any scheduled meetings to express their views in person.
  • The Candidate will receive a written response within ten days, setting out the result of the investigation and the action that will be taken. If the investigation is likely to exceed ten days, the candidate will be contacted and told when a response will be available.

Payment plan

I agree for Enamel Learning LTD to take out a payment of £89 every month from the bank details provided. And an additional payment of £485 to be paid at the time of NEBDN exam registration, regardless of my monthly payment plan.
  • Weekly classes delivered by our tutor
  • Access to the Learner online portal, which include all learning content, assignments, resources
  • Weekly Job Opportunities
  • Interview and CV Preparation
  • NEBDN Registration Fee
  • 4 x Mock Exams
  • Dedicated tutor support
  • 1-year FREE ACCESS to online CPD
  • Exam preparation for retakes

Refunds and withdrawing

We are not able to offer you any refund of your course fees after you have enrolled on the course. If a learner wishes to withdraw from a course after they have enrolled and within 30 days of their payment of £89.00 will not be refunded however the payment plan will be cancelled and there will be no further payments made. If a learner wishes to leave the course after 3 months of being enrolled, they will need to pay the full amount of the course which will be a total of £1,529. If the direct debit is cancelled, you would be required to pay the outstanding balance remaining on your account. If this is not paid, your details will be passed to a debt collection team. You cannot register another student on behalf of yourself if you do not wish to continue the course. If you fail your exam, you will be required to pay for the retake, the cost for this can be found on the NEBDN website.

NEBDN Requirements

In order to sit the NEBDN written and OSCE exams, all students must demonstrate the following requirements:
  • Students need to have an attendance rate of at least 85%
  • Students should have achieved at least 80% pass mark on all 3 Mock Exam papers
  • All ROEs (Record of Experience) need to be completed and submitted on time as follows:
    • April Exam: completed by January
    • November Exam: completed by August
    • Exam fee (£485) payable within 4-6 months of course start date