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Equality and Diversity Course


This course knowledge about the importance of equality and diversity and the legal protection against harassment and discrimination. If you do not pass this course, whenever you feel confident you will definitely have the opportunity to again review the content and take the assessment.

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There are 1 units covered within this course, which include:

Equality and Diversity Course


This course aim is to help learners understand the importance of equality and diversity, human rights as well as legal protection against discrimination. 


  • Learn about the terms of Equality and Diversity and Human Rights as well
  • Remember the organisations, individuals and society for having human rights, equality and diversity effective environment.
  • Distinguish the benefits and assist of monitoring equalities and health inequalities. 
  • Recognise the use of policies like Bullying and Harassing, Whistleblowing Policy, etc.
  • Identify the correct approach about human rights, equality and diversity can be promoted proactively
  • Understands how to serve everyone with courtesy, dignity, respect and value people individually.