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Radiography and Radiation Protection

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This course will provide the dental team with the information regarding to the Properties of Radiation, Radiation Hazards and Dosimetry, Radiation Protection and use of Radiation Protection Devices in the field of Radiography. If you do not pass this course, whenever you feel confident you will definitely have the opportunity to again review the content and take the assessment.

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There are 1 units covered within this course, which include:

Radiography and Radiation Protection Course


This course aims to upskill dental team regarding:
  • Safe Working Practices in the Dental Clinic.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Dental Radiography.
  • Imaging Equipment and Techniques for Dental Radiography.
  • Consent with Special Attention Areas, Statutory Requirements and Non-Statutory Guidance.


  • Describe characteristics of x-rays and concepts of radiation dose
  • Illustrate the process of x-ray production as well as the process of x-ray image production.
  • Identify levels of dose from medical, artificial and natural sources of radiation
  • Highlight the training requirements for staff and the risk assessments process
  • Outline biological effects of exposure to ionising radiations
  • Define the types of hazards present and contingency plans required for reasonably foreseeable events