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Course Price: £780

Dental Radiography Course

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Every Sunday from 10am - 11am

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Monthly Payment: £130 in 6 months
Full Payment: £780

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This course can be started anytime


A qualified dental nurse who is awarded the NEBDN certificate in Dental Radiography, will be able to act under prescription as an IR(ME)R operator, in order to safely take intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs of patients

Unit Details

There are 8 units covered within this course, which include:

Unit 1 Maintaining Good Clinical Practice

Unit 2 Radiation Physics

Unit 3 Radiation Protection

Unit 4 Apparatus and Equipment

Unit 5 Principles of Imaging

Unit 6 Intra Oral Techniques

Unit 7 Care of Patients

Record of Competence

Delivery Methods

1 hour online class every Sunday from 10am - 11am delivered by Dr. Ragudhas.


The record of competence is a form of work based continual assessment. The record of competence is a written record of workplace activities carried out under the observation of a GDC registrant.
The Record of Competence is in three parts;

Part A
Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
To provide evidence of your involvement in the taking of a minimum of 50 radiographs that must include at least:
10 x dental panoramic radiographs,10 x pairs of bitewing radiographs,20 x paralleling technique periapical radiographs 10 x types of other radiographs which must include: 2 x bisecting angle technique periapicals, 2 x occlusal views (can be undertaken on a dry skull), 2 x cephalometric lateral skull views (can be undertaken by simulation) and 4 x any ‘other’ type of radiograph
Guidance for the completion of the PCAS is provided and each case must be completed with both the dental nurse and the qualified witness present. Before signing each case, the witness must provide feedback on the radiograph taken and ensure that the candidate has given the correct quality rating and appropriate reasons for grades 2 or 3 quality rating.
The setting should normally be within your own place of work but may be elsewhere if appropriate to the particular technique; however, you must still gain hands on practical involvement.

Part B
Expanded Case Studies
You must choose three patients for the production of detailed case studies:
1 x dental panoramic radiograph, 1 x bitewing radiograph and 1 x paralleling technique periapical radiograph.

Part C
Supplementary Outcomes
The content of the supplementary outcomes includes -Oblique lateral mandible radiographs, Bisected angle periapical radiographs, Lateral cephalometric radiographs, a copy of the dental practice Local Rules and a record of continuing professional development relating to dental radiography e.g. background reading, meetings, courses.

Career Option after this Course

Specialist Implant Nurse
Dental Hygiene and Therapy
Dental Tutor 
For NEBDN Examination, students must be completed:
  • Record of Competence
  • Pass the 90 minute written exam: Part A: 45 multiple choice questions Part B: 30 extended matching question