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Fire Safety


This course describes the importance of understanding the legislation of surroundings’ fire safety. Also, awareness of fire risk assessment, evacuation plan, and fire logbook in the working environment. If you do not pass this course, whenever you feel confident you will definitely have the opportunity to again review the content and take the assessment.

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There are 1 units covered within this course, which include:

Fire Safety Course


The only aim of this course is to understand the importance and legislation of fire safety, and how to react if you in any fire situation.


  • Understand the occurrence of fire, smoke and toxic fumes 
  • Understand the fire hazards within the workplace
  • Identify the relevant fire risk assessments 
  • Including staff responsibilities consider both basic and local fire safety protocols if fire breaks out or smoke is detected 
  • Knowledge about raising and taking action on fire safety alarm
  • Identify the associated safety precautions according to the types of fire extinguishers
  • Be familiar with evacuation procedures and escape routes accordingly