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Health & Safety


This mainly aims of this course to awareness about basic knowledge of health and safety principles to reduce hazards and ultimately, incidents and also communicated via signage within the workplace. If you do not pass this course, whenever you feel confident you will definitely have the opportunity to again review the content and take the assessment.

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There are 1 units covered within this course, which include:

Health & Safety Course


The aims of this course are:
  • Highlight the common issues of manual handling injuries and slip or fall accidents happened in the workplace.
  • Consider help to control risky measures and to identify hazards
  • Provide basic information and well considered of many medical gases with their presentation and legislation; what duties apply under RIDDOR. 
  • To keep the environment safe, awareness of legal requirement as well as risk assessment


  • Identify the responsibilities of both employers and employees
  • To ensure workplace safety
  • Considered health and safety regulations, measures as well
  • Understand legal requirements for manual handling.
  • Manage risk assessment approaches