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Legal and Ethical


This course basically enables to understand the responsibilities, both philosophical and sociological principles of healthcare professional ethics under the duty of Candour. If you do not pass this course, whenever you feel confident you will definitely have the opportunity to again review the content and take the assessment.

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There are 1 units covered within this course, which include:

Legal and Ethical Course


The aims of this course are:
  • Explain etiquettes to build a respectful relationship in the working team with effective, safe and compassionate care
  • Define the ethical standards of contemporary dentistry and consider both the aspects of whistleblowing as well as practical ways that ethical principles influence therapeutic relationships.
  • Provide social and environmental values for dental professionals, through looking at green environmental and safeguarding issues.


  • Define practical ways that can be embedded into working practices, policies and procedures according to ethical values.
  • Recognise how ethical requirements are communicated
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of professional bodies because of protecting patients’ interests
  • Making practical and ethical decisions with respect to GDC Standards.
  • Work effectively with colleagues in patients’ best interests
  • Consider events that have influenced the current ethical climate
  • Make dental ethics by considering the range of professional and legal values